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Let's try this again...

That blog entry that somehow never made it up was something like the following in content:

-have I mentioned all the teeny tiny cars in a previous entry? They are all so wee! Even the lorries and minivans. A friend informs me that it is because they actually have the wisdom here to tax emissions, and so everyone drives smaller cars in order to produce fewer emissions. Plus, petrol is expensive here!

-OK so a couple of years ago all the regiments were amalgamated in order to form the Scottish National Regiment but sometimes depending on what uniform they are wearing you can differentiate between them by what they are wearing in their hats nad there were these guys in combats, really fit (i.e. hot), and they had red things sticking out of their berets or whatever so I asked what regiment they were and they said Blackwatch and I went phwoarrrrrr.

-I knew of course before coming that cars drive on the left and whatnot and I knew to be prepared for it but I never realised to what extent it is ingrained in me to look left then right, not the other way around. I am starting to get used to it though. I can effectively jaywalk now, which I think says something.

OK that is all for now as I have to start my shift at the Forest very soon. It's a volunteer-run cafe thingy here in Edinburgh, similar to the Carrot but way more hippy. So cool! This city rules so hard!

Oh I have been speaking a lot of Spanish lately. It's great!

11:40 a.m. - 2008-06-11


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