Arthur's Seat and more

I have six more days left in Edinburgh. Well, technically I have five since on the sixth day I leave early early for the airport. So why am I spending valuable time inside at the library doing all my interwebbing when I could be out learning interesting things at a museum or viewing mediaeval buildings or finding a game of pick-up footie in the Meadows? For you, dear reader- for you. Well and also for myself- I will want something to read and moon over when I come home and am missing Scotland and sulking and brooding.

So what have I done since Glasgow? Ummmm oh I finally climbed Arthur's Seat! Took my time, took the long way around Salisbury Crags, tried to be as indirect as possible and just make a nice long hike out of it. Lots of other people around, runners and dog-walkers and rock climbers and tourists of course. Every time you turn around up there you get another stunning view; it is really amazing!

I felt a bit silly going up in just my high-tops but I saw a lot of people wearing flip flops and other completely inappropriate foorwear so did not feel so silly in the end. My feet still ached like a really bad word (I have been informed that my grandparents are now reading my blog so I had better watch it!) by the time I was done, but I did not twist any ankles so there is a blessing I suppose.

It was very very windy at the top; you do not want to put anything down because it will be blown into oblivion for sure! Took some pictures, tried not to get in the way of the scores of other people taking pictures, looked around at the fabulous view of hill and dale and firth and town, and then descended, via a different route! Saw a lake and a ruined old chapel, and a lot fewer people than on the way up! This was probably due to the route I chose; I saw where there were people and went the other way, basically.

Oh my god did I ever have to go to the bathroom by then; actually on the way down I took a wee misstep and landed weirdly and that caused me to um pee my pants a little bit. I was hoping to pop into the parliament building, located pretty much right at the bottom of the hill, and use their facilities but they were just closing so I had to go all the way back to my hostel... (I have since been back to the controversially-designed and definitely captivating parliament building to have a look around but most of it is off-limits unless you book a tour which costs �.)

Anyway, I was feeling pretty good about my efforts anent Arthur's Seat, and still am, but I talked to a friend who is staying at my hostel and he says he gets up every morning and goes for a run along those paths. Rather a disgusting display of athleticism, but I suppose that kind of thing is to be admired rather than abhorred.

I am trying to get a hold of a bicycle for tomorrow! As some of you may know, the last Friday of every month is Critical Mass and well, tomorrow is the last Friday of June! I think it would be really cool to participate in this event, since I am in a different city/country and since I am missing it back home anyway. (I have missed all of bike month in Edmonton and since I don't have my bike here I didn't participate in Edinburgh's bike week either.) I have e-mailed a potential source and I think I'm going to start asking around my friends here, see if annyone has an extra bike tucked away somewhere.

OK my interweb time is just about up here so I had better stop now. I'll try and write at least once more before I leave. Peace out!

12:10 p.m. - 2008-06-26


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