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Heh heh, well I was going to add at least another entry before leaving Scotland. I was going to write about Critical Mass on the last Friday of June and how I acquired a bike (from The Forest!) a mere two hours before said event. Then the following Sunday was the World Naked Bike Ride. But with one thing and another- spending the last few days of my trip in Leith rather than the hostel, reduced interweb access, and lots of last-minute running around must-seeing- it didn't get done.

Now it is late August and it is not quite the same thing as writing from Scotland, or even from just getting back. It has been pretty busy since my return, lots of working and everyday stuff, plus off to Calgary for Folk Fest, plus Edmonton Folk Fest, plus snorgling the snorglebeast, plus a wee bit of Fringe before heading off to Ottawa with Naomi to visit the 'rents, and the grand-'rents too as they are all in town or soon to be in town.

Right now I am re-reading Anne's very well written and entertaining blog from when she was in Edinburgh, and doing my own reminiscing when familiar places are mentioned. I haven't even re-read mine since I got back so surely there's some things I've forgotten. I wish I had written more but I was too busy going oooh look! Plus it took me a while to clue in to the free interweb services at the library and at the Forest and they weren't always available (i.e. other person-free) anyway. Wow, I can't believe the hostel charges �1 for a half an hour, and that more people don't go in search of other sources! Anyway.

In two weeks today I have orientation for grad school, and the following day, classes start. I'm pretty stoked! I had been considering not going- I was reluctant to get myself into debt to do so. I was thinking, maybe work a while, save up, get a UK working visa and move back to Och Aye Land for a couple of years. But Malcolm's parents talked sense into me and I began to see the wisdom of sticking it out. I'd really like still to save my money and go back in the summers. I just have to be really really good. Do not need new shoes, do not need this or that book or CD...

Anyway, I think that is all I need to say for now. Now that I am at home, this blog is going to be pretty boring. When I even bother to update. Which should be every couple of months or so.

1:21 p.m. - 2008-08-19


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