Concert and more!

If you ask me, last night was our best concert ever. I guess I should say the best one we've had that I've sung in. So, the best of those three. But I am really really pleased with our performance: hardly any mistakes and a great sound. I think we were all pretty impressed with ourselves. I am happiest about my favourites: "O Nata Lux" (which I sang countertenor with the altos for), "O Magnum Mysterium" (I love Latin!), and "Throw the Yule Log On, Uncle John" (I love silly!).

A lady came up to me afterwards and said it was reassuring to see that there were still female tenors kicking around; she used to be one herself and is really glad when she sees others. This, as you can imagine, was reassuring to me, too, because I have known two other female tenors, ever, and whenever I go to concerts I never, ever see any and even often ask myself, should I be an alto? Do I just like to be different? Where do I really belong? But after last night, I feel pretty confident that I am singing in the appropriate range. I even spoke to our director about it and he said as long as I'm comfortable there, he is happy, and is not going to change me around on a whim like some conductors who say, you're a girl, get into the alto section with the others. He did suggest that I see someone with more of a voice background about seeing what my range really is, if I really want to know. So I might.

Relief on another front: everyone who needs to know about everything, now knows about everything, and I am officially permitted to relax. This of course does not mean that I will relax entirely, but it is good to know that some things I had been worried about, are no problem.

Oh! And, I leave for Toronto in four days! We'll be there for a few days and then drive to Moncton, where we'll be for about a week. Then back to T.O. for another week and a half to relax, hopefully pick up some shifts and definitely to see Brad, Theresa and whoever else is there now. Hurrah! (Too bad Mark J didn't get that flight with the layover, won't be seeing him, but oh well.)

So! Excitement!

3:35 p.m. - 2007-12-12


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