Creme Eggs and more!

Okay I am on a roll! Look at this, another entry and it has been, what, only two days? Hurray for discovering free sources of interweb! I have not given a single backward glance to the backward (and expensive) hostel computers.

Some more observations:

-puppy dogs! Here they are all so well-behaved! Most of them are off-leash, even in the city centre, and they are all so good about staying close to their people and/or coming immediately when called. Of course there are a few on leashes and I even saw a Jack Russell with a muzzle on, and a couple of pooches that needed to be separated, but hey, how do they train their dogs over here?

-OMG of course all of you lurrrrve Cadbury's Creme Eggs (or you'd better) but apparently they love them so much here that you can get them year-round! And there's something called a Creme Egg Twister or something, a little Creme Egg chocolate bar. Oh my god the chocolate here is so good, and even a bit cheaper than at home for a chocolate bar! Avg = 49p. And Curly Wurlys are anywhere from 20-25p (40-50 cents)! Whereas when I get them from any import shop at home they are a dollar or 1.25. I will be stocking up before my departure.

-joints here are gross because people mix them with tobacco. Apparently it is a European thing to do this. I say, wtf? Heh heh, apparently they can't handle it pure. Anyway, have learned to ask first.

That is all for my enlightened wisdom today. Go, grasshoppers, and be at peace.

11:20 a.m. - 2008-06-15


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