departure day

So, today at 7.45 p.m. I leave for Edinburgh via Heathrow. I arrive tomorrow and my plan is to cycle in to the city and my hostel from the airport. This is not a particularly dangerous undertaking; there is a bike path! In fact there are bike paths all over Scotland and the rest of the UK; they really take that kind of thing seriously over there, which makes me very glad indeed. My first week will be spent at the Budget Backpackers Hostel on- hmm I know where it is located but I can't remember without looking if its address says Candlemaker Row or Cowgate. Anyway, 'tis but a hop skip and a jump to the castle, so I am pretty stoked. I intend to explore Edinburgh by foot and bicycle and then, after a week, decide whether to stick around, cycle along the canal towpath to Glasgow, or hop on a train to London via York (and its minster and its mediaeval streets!).

So yeah, pretty exciting.

Addendum: the bicycle is, after all, staying home. There are various reasons for this decision, which I don't really want to articulate here right now. It's a sad day indeed for my purple bike, to be left behind. I will be sure to pop into the garage before I leave and bid it farewell. There may be bicycle-related activities in Edinburgh, just not with my own cyclable.

9:50 a.m. - 2008-05-31


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