Devastation and ruin

Okay, so I am idly flipping through some recently arrived mail today (by mail I mean of course bills) and I come across the millionth send-out from Alberta Health or whatever and I think well, OK, I suppose I have time for this now that I am back in the province and relatively settled. So I open it up and what to my wondering eyes does appear but a letter informing me that I owe them 600$ for basic health care coverage and if they don't get it soon they are going to send a collection agency after me! After me! And what's more, it is dated January 5th, which was almost two months ago! So needless to say, I am jumping up and down with rage and screaming and saying oh my fucking god I don't believe this, etc.

So what I am going to do tomorrow (Monday) is phone them and very calmly and measuredly explain the situation, how I was away at school and haven't been able to deal with this and now I am back and can deal with this, and what's more I am welllllllll below their line for "poor enough not to have to pay for basic health care even though no-one should have to pay for health care and isn't that what Tommy Douglas fought so hard for back in the 60s?" so I will do my taxes right away and fill out their form and prove that I am poor and they will leave me alone for another year, I hope.

So I have all my tax stuff gathered together except my T2202A form which is on Bear Tracks so I miraculously manage to get on the interweb here at home and guess what, Bear Tracks isn't working dammit! So I can't get my T2202A form, therefore I will have to go in person to Admin tomorrow and see if I can get it from them. And then I still have to find one of those Quicken or Intuit thingys to do my taxes with, or I guess just go downtown and see if I can get a booklet from them cos really it's not that complicated, doing taxes, and you don't really need a computer.

Anyway, I really don't have time for this but it looks like I have no choice. Grr argh and big fresh piles of steaming poop.

6:07 p.m. - 2007-02-25


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