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It appears as though there are a few people actually reading this from time to time, so perhaps I will update more frequently.

Right now I am listening to Heart by Stars; this wonderful, sad yet hopeful album helped me to survive a semester of abject loneliness when I was here in Moncton and missing someone very dear in Edmonton. At this point in time, for similar reasons and for more complicated ones, I am finding this to be appropriate listening material.

So! Christmas is over, and our sojourn in Moncton will also be over tomorrow morning. We have been here at my maternal grandparents' since Saturday, Mum and Tod and I, and in that time we have seen practically every living relative residing here in the Maritimes. And I've been fortunate enough to see Simon twice and a bunch of other friends as well (including one with whom I have a bit of unfinished business- alas, still unresolved).

There was a house-warming party tonight that I had been considering attending, but what with family visits and it being late, I ended up not going. But I got just about my fill at the reggae dub party on Boxing Day night. Awful music, really poor DJing, but lots of friends and overall a good time. After that we retired to Simon's and played Mario 3 until 5 a.m., and a good time was had by all- except Mario, who kept dying.

Before Moncton I got to spend a week in Toronto, and I'll have another ten days there after we leave here tomorrow. I got to see Theresa a couple of times, Brad once (crazy staff Xmas party) and Tori once; I also made the most out of my weekly TTC pass, exploring Toronto on the Rocket. Next week I hope to do more of the same: exploring and visiting and spending quality time with my parents. On my list still of things to see are the ROM and Kensington Market. New Year's Eve I may go see the Sadies at the Horseshoe Tavern, and it looks as though I'll be going at least with Theresa, so that should be a good time.

So I get back home on the 9th of January. Here is an itemisation of things on my mind related to my return:

-I'll have to work like mad to make February rent (and to eat for January-February);

-Choir will have started up again; I'm looking forward to it; we'll be doing folk songs;

-Mark J will have left for Halifax and NSCAD, which of course provokes ambivalence;

-Countdown to Malcolm coming home! Of course, in order to count down I'll need to know the relevant date (have you bought your ticket yet, Mal?);

-Hopefully I won't miss too many hockey games the rest of the season; during the fall I only got to play in 2 out of 3 games because of work;

-I have resolved not to be so lazy about cooking. It has lately come to my attention that I will not always be physically or mentally capable of doing whatever I want, and someday I will wish that I had taken better advantage of my abilities. And the main thing that comes to mind is food (of course). This will probably save me money as well, since I'll be avoiding excessively processed and packaged foods. Yay!

That's about it for now I reckon.

Happy New Year!

7:07 p.m. - 2007-12-28


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