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Last night was my Fringe d�but! I am in Maggie-Now Part 2, and while it is only a small r�le (an unmarried Catholic girl from the neighbourhood), it is still very exciting. If anyone reading this is interested, here is the performance schedule for Parts 1 and 2:

Part 1:
Friday 17 August 4pm
Saturday 18 August 4pm
Sunday 19 August 2.30pm
Monday 20 August 4pm
Tuesday 21 August 4pm
Wednesday 22 August 2.30pm
Thursday 23 August 4pm
Friday 24 August 4pm
Saturday 25 August 4pm

Part 2:
Friday 17 August (last night) 7.30pm
Saturday 18 August (today) 8.30pm
Sunday 19- Saturday 25 August 7.30pm

Ta-da! It's actually a very good story, adapted by my friend Jennifer Spencer from a novel by Betty Smith, who also wrote A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Anyway, call is in half an hour, so here endeth my plug.

Still: very exhilarating.

Oh yeah: Folk Fest last weekend: fabulous. Lots of great artists, many of whom were rather obscure (there were many complaints about the lineup)- but that is part of the beauty of Folk Fest: discovering new music. It was Mark J's first Folk Fest ever and to boot he managed to get himself a press pass, so he spent the weekend weaving in and out of various stages and crowds, taking probably hundreds of photos. If not more (knowing him...). Oh and let us not forget the Hug Patrol, that was brilliant. Oops, my shirt's still in the dirty laundry pile at Malcolm's, and my Folk Fest shirt too.

Peace on your head, as my colleague Paula likes to say.

2:30 p.m. - 2007-08-18


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