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It's January! Yay!

Still in T-dot, for one more week. I still have lots to see, namely the ROM and Kensington. The former will be done Friday with the 'rents; the latter, maybe today or tomorrow. And I still have my project to finish, the results of which should please Mark J, especially since he doesn't, after all, get to see Toronto.

Yesterday was beautiful outside, because there had been so much snow on New Year's Eve; everything was all glistening and even at dusk as I walked through Queen's Park I could not stop marvelling. (Took a few photos but they turned out blurry, rawr.) Today it is super cold and it will therefore not be as pleasant to walk around. But, it must be done. One's sense of duty does not flag or fail; one does what one must. Even when one is certain that the task at hand will be unpleasant and possibly even painful, one strives to fulfill one's responsibilities- nay, one's destiny.

Well, whatever else I was going to say is lost to the winds of oblivion because my darling progenitors are distracting me. That is all for today.

8:30 a.m. - 2008-01-02


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