let down and hanging around, quoth Mr Yorke

The shedding process has begun; however it does not affect my physical surroundings for I merely went on a mad rampage removing applications (including Scrabulous and iRead!) and groups from my Facebook. Now that I'm done house-sitting, however, I can start in on my material possessions. I can't wait!

This weekend was less and more than I expected: on one front, hopes dashed (not that they were terribly high to begin with but I had been holding out on a small imaginary situation); on the other, got to visit where I did not expect it. All that anticipation I mentioned before has left me exhausted, and not much really to show for it. H´┐Żlas!

Two days until Josh Ritter! :D

10:14 a.m. - 2008-02-25


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