Hot... so hot...

Malcolm is in Marburg adjusting to the local time zone and weather; meanwhile I discovered that I own a fan! Which makes the Edmonton weather a bit more bearable. I am in my room, the fan dusted off (thanks Mum) and circulating nice, coolish air around my little room. This heat is expected to last until the middle of next week, so you can bet stores are going to be selling out of bulk ice, and the lineups at the local pool are going to get longer and longer. Ahhhh swimming. It's been too long. I see people walking around in pants and long-sleeve t-shirts and think, is it just me? But then I see all the tank tops and short shorts (with or without folds of flesh spilling out of them) and go, nope, it is really that hot. Well, it's a nice change from winter.

My tree (that I got as a seedling on Earth Day thanks to the provincial NDP) has, I am pretty sure, doubled in height and grown extra pine thingys. This despite the fact that I keep forgetting to water it. There are also extra plant things growing in the pot, probably spread by something growing in the yard. My violets were super thirsty today and my spider plant was looking a little wan. My jade is doing okay because apparently it's used to being dry. I always want to water it, though, because I feel its earth and it just seems to cry, please water me! But I take it easy, because I remember that countless cacti have died at my over-enthusiastically watering hands.

This evening Mum & Tod, Naomi & Ryan and I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for my early birthday dinner (and presents!), since M&T are leaving for Toronto on Tuesday. We don't usually go out for birthday dinners, but the house is all packed up and it would be really hard to cook or eat or do anything much at the old house without, oh, dishes, furniture, etc. M&T came back to my place later for an ap´┐Żritif (orange juice) and a quick look-round. And a dusting-off of the fan. It is soooooo hot here.

10:30 p.m. - 2007-07-13


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