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OK so when I put in that last entry, I though that the entry from a few days before had not gone up. I had been alerted of its absence by someone and when I went to look, it was indeed not there. But somehow it ended up there anyway. I will probably go back and edit the last one so it's not so tedious for those who have read the first one.

So... I am feeling pretty well at home here in Auld Reekie, as it is sometimes known (though I feel like a tourist whenever I say it). I have done lots of wandering round to various parts of the city- not just the centre but a bit out of it as well. A friend just moved a few days ago from the hostel to Edinburgh University lodgings a good 45-minute walk away. I've been down once on foot and will probably take the bus tomorrow.

Another place I have taken the bus to is Leith, but I have not really seen much of Leith because I spent all that time at someone's house and, um, didn't really make it out to sightsee. Another trip, though not planned, is to be expected. Maybe I will walk!

I have seen lots of museums and am soaking up lots of knowledge and history which will hopefully reamin intact in my brain for at least a couple of months... there really are a lot of fascinating things to know and I wish I could stuff it all into my head and keep it there forever! Today I went to the Museum of Childhood, which was pretty cool, and I am taking my time with the National Museum of Scotland (or is it the National Scottish Museum? I forget). Of course I have been to the library- that is where I am now- and it is marvellous; across the street is the National Library of Scotland and they have a cool exhibit I am going to check out one of these days.

Oh of course! Yesterday I took one of those group bus tours out into the Highlands all the way to Loch Ness- though I did not pay the �9 for the boat ride out on the loch. It was pretty cool but I was quite tired as the evening before had been my excursion to Leith and also there was not much time to get out and ramble round at cool places. I always forget that long rides in mororised vehicles tend to make me drowsy. It was pretty structured but still quite interesting. Lots of gorgeous scenery!

Okay, my session ends in four minutes and I don't know if all programmes will close or what so I had bettersave and quit!

2:17 p.m. - 2008-06-13


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