Moved in!

I have a new address! Yes, it's true, as of yesterday I have a new residence, shared by the lovely and esteemed Barbara Elaine and Ian (and Max). I am now on the south side, which is a new experience for me- I've dated south siders (and therefore overnighted down here) but never lived in this part of town before. It's exciting, there's so much to do within walking distance, three grocery stores, several bookstores, not to mention the university. And bike lanes everywhere!

My parents, Malcolm and Mark H all helped me move in yesterday. Bobby and Ian were moving a lot of their stuff too, with the kind assistance of Ian's dad. It was a party! Later Bryce stopped by after hockey and hung out for a bit while Mal and Ian assembled my bed. Later the 'rents took me out to get groceries and the cat was introduced to his new home. On that topic, it was interesting last night to realise that the banging metallic sounds I heard were not someone trying to break in, nor furnace problems, nor a very noisy ghost. It appeared that the cat had discovered the hole in the vent screen below my bed and had decided to go exploring. Whether it found its way out through another open vent or back out through mine, I'm not sure, but until I figured out what was going on I was slightly worried.

Other interesting noises last night came from next door: yes, our very first night in our new place and the next doors were having a party! Well, how lovely. I don't want to seem like a spoilsport but jeez, our first night in! Not, of course, that they were to know that.

Today, my room looks a lot like my room, only not in a scary (chaotic and full of crap) way. There was a trip to IKEA today- the final stage of this rite of passage, I suppose- and now I have a few new useful structures adorning my abode. A lot of my books live on shelves now, and all of my CDs now have homes not made of cardboard. My bed is clean and comfy and the interweb is all set up. As weird as it is to think that this is where I live now, I am beginning to feel at home; but don't tell my mum that cos she kinda misses me- especially considering that my sister moved out a couple of months ago already.

So... I am really enjoying this, and I dare say so are my new roommates. There is a bit of sadness, for reasons I will not go into here, but overall it has been an occasion worthy of celebration. If you are reading this and saying to yourself, 'Gosh, I'd really like to know Micah's new address so I can send her nice things in the mail or swing by and say hi!' just say hello (there should be a link to your left entitled something like 'Contact Me') and ask for it. Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

10:29 p.m. - 2007-04-01


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