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I am on the interweb once more! I am being distracted, though, by the group behind me getting ready to go out on the nightly pub crawl leaving from my hostel. They are all introducing themselves and demonstrating thwir favourite party tricks so I keep turning round to see waht they are doing! Oh my god!

Sorry about the long interval between posts, if anyone is still paying attention. It is pretty easy while here to forget that the interweb exists because there is so much to see and do and really one doesn't need the interweb in one's daily life, except to let others know what is going on...

So, some more observations that I have made (sorry if they seem superficial but I don't have alot of time to ramble on meaningfully about the deeper sociological meanings of everything. Also I am using Explorer not Firefox so it is harder for me to notice typos because they are not underlined in red):

-there are a lot of smokers!

-there are lots of beautiful green parks- and many of them are private and locked, access only permitted to those who live in the flats nearby. No fair!

-a couple of years ago all the Scottish regiments amalgamated into one, the Royal Scots, but one is distinguishable by red things stuck in their hats and also general hotness; I ran after one asking him his regiment and he said Blackwatch and I went mmmmmelt. (Remember: they all wear kilts here!)

-oh my goodness there are a lot of Tardises here! Most of them have graffiti (sp?) on them.

-I owe it to my dad to acknowledge that he was correct in advising me not to bring my bike. As envious I am of every cyclist who passes me while I walk along on my poor little feet... I would probably be dead by now if I had brought my bike. The instinct to look left, then right is much more ingrained than I had realised. Every time I force myself to look right then left, I still feel like I am being an idiot for not looking left before stepping into the street.

-I must also admit that I have popped into Sbux 2 or 3 times, to see what is the same and what is different. One thing that is different is that treats cost more to eat in than to take out. Something about how they are taxed differently. Kind of lame, because if I want to be cheap I must also be cruel to the environment. Boo!

-ohhhhhhh my skin is so happy! I hardly ever use any cream at all! :)

-I love the local vocab and always have but I am always self-conscious about using it because I feel so foreign and definitely not Scottish! So I feel like I stick out and am traying too hard when I do want to use the local vocab- even when a particular word feels natural! (There has been one exception so far and perhaps I will discuss that more later.)

-I have been to a lot of bars so far (hey I am in Scotland, it is what you are supposed to do!), and I have been carded exactly this many times: zero.

-lots of cyclists; few helmets.

-at the supermarket, they keep eggs on non-refrigerated shelves! Granted, they are adjacent to the milk area and therefore coolish, but are not actually the recipients of direct cooling. That must be OK for the eggs, so the question is: why do we chill the hell out of them at home? Are we wasting loads of energy that way? I think... maybe.

-recycling: hot in England... not so much in Scotland. I cannot recycle my plastic or paper or tetrapaks- cans and tins only! At least in the hostel, and no-one seems to know where I can go to recycle them myself. Hmph.

OK I gots less than 10 minutes left to do my Facebook!

Oh yeah went to the castle yesterday- so cool!

9:08 p.m. - 2008-06-05


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