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Malcolm is home!

This is good news. And I got to see him yesterday for the first time in seven months! I hung out at his place for a few hours while the family got ready to leave for Banff; Mal and I had lunch and tea and then I tried mostly to leave them alone while they (well, mostly Neil) tried various means of attaching the pod to the top of the car. I brought a very good book (Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson, one of my favourite ever authors) and read while these adventures in carpentry were taking place.

So I'm house-sitting for them (which involves feeding the animals, bringing in the paper/mail, and eating their food) until they come back from the mountains, and then Malcolm and I will get a chance to have a proper visit and decide what's going on.

And next week Josh Ritter comes to town! I have had my ticket for about six weeks now; I don't usually plan that far ahead (exception: Great Lake Swimmers last fall) but oh, my, it's Josh Ritter and he's dreamy and listening to him sing and play makes me go all squishy. I reckon I won't mind too much if he decides he wants me to bear his children... And if he doesn't, oh well, I can still sit there and swoon away.

Before all that is this:

-tonight: symphony (tickets gr�ce � Malcolm's mum, but I haven't found a date yet).

-Sunday: secret mission (a last-ditch effort, surely in vain but worth a shot) and then the Pro Coro concert.

-lots of anticipation. I mean lots.

After all that is this:

-hockey (our last regular season game and, in a coupla weeks, a mini-tournament)

-critical mass (I will go this month!)

-moving... more on that later, because I really don't want to discuss it at this point in time.

9:31 a.m. - 2008-02-22


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