Grrrr argh! I hate being sick!

So far three days have been wasted by my being sick when I could have been living it up in Toronto. Still haven't been to the ROM or to Kensington Market, and my bus pass hasn't paid for itself yet; tomorrow is the last day it's good. And I still have friends to visit, too.

If only it were a cold I could just take drugs and go out anyway, but no, it's fever, aches and pains, congestion everywhere, and coughing that turns into choking. And having to pee all the time from all the water I'm drinking. Yay! At least I get to sleep...

This definitely makes my top 3 list of worst times to be sick. The other two are, in no particular order:

-Grade 11: Having just returned from Encounters With Canada, a week-long nerd-fest with a bunch of other grade 11s in Ottawa, I was really excited about going on this band trip to B.C., all the more so because this boy I really liked was going to be on the trip too. I was stoked. But then, sometime during the night before we were to leave, I got sick. In the morning I woke up, sat up, and immediately lay down again, vanquished. Man, was I pissed off. I desperately wanted to go, and even tried getting up repeatedly, attempting to convince my mother and myself that I was OK. Yeah right. Home I stayed, bitterly I wept.

-Grade 3: I don't have as many details because it was so long ago, but I had the chicken pox that spring, and Naomi caught it too. The most tragical part of being sick then was missing track & field day, which I usually did pretty well in (whenever our school principal wasn't yelling at me from the sidelines to slow down and let the boys pass me). Also annoying was the fact that Naomi got better before me and got to give flowers to the Governer-General's wife and have her picture in the paper and everything. That was slightly unjust, but missing track & field was pretty sucky.

As for being sick right now, it could be worse: it could be happening when I got back to Edmonton and had no parents there to take care of me (and notice that I get asthma when I'm sick, apparently) and buy me drugs and administer them, and people expecting me to be at work, and rent having to be paid, etc. So, I guess that is good. But even better would be not getting sick at all.

P.S. Malcolm says I can stop pestering him now, he has bought his plane ticket: 20 February is the date!

6:35 p.m. - 2008-01-05


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