Hurrah! I no longer have to deal with Microsoft and their horrible, horrible interface and ads and templates and general poopiness.

And now I can write about all the skiing I have lately done! This past weekend we (Malcolm and his fam and I) went to Mount Assiniboine Lodge. Mal and his bro and dad and I skied in- 28km- and wow did it ever take us ten hours! No exaggeration, unfortunately. But we did eat well upon our arrival: food was placed on the table and it immediately, somehow, found its way into our gaping mouths. And such wonderful food it was!

Anyway, so there followed two days of skiing around the Mt Assiniboine area (and I tried telemark skiing, though I fell down a lot). So much skiing, and food, and socialising too which is always a nice bonus. I was surprised how nice everyone was: staff and guests, everyone. No-one was snooty or snarky or superior about anything! Well, except me, but some things we just cannot control...

Anyway, then on Monday we skied out again, which trip was punctuated by Mal's dad breaking a binding on one of his skis, right at the bottom of the pass... so... Malcolm and Matthew skied back up the pass and to the lodge, Mal to retrieve new skis and Matt to take back the broken ones; meanwhile Mal's dad walked and I skied (still with my skins on so at about the same rate as the walking- which was more like step, step, fall into a tree well, struggle out, step, step) so we could get as far along as possible until Mal and Matt caught up with us again. That turned out to be five or six kilometres later... wow, though, they were fast!

The rest of the return trip was comparatively uneventful (although Sepp came whooshing up and past us on his way to Canmore), and it was still daylight when we got back to Mt Shark! W00t!

The weekend before this one was the Birkebeiner, which my friends convinced me to do in full, i.e. 55km ski with 5,5kg pack. Wow! Now that was long- though not as long as the ski into Assiniboine. I was actually fine right up until about 5 minutes after it was over- and then I was bonking pretty hard. My dad (who finished about 45 minutes ahead of me) made me get changed before I ate, and I really wish he'd let me eat first. Ah well, all was made better by a bit of rest and then a hot tub party chez Wilson-l (fellow Birkie participant, along with Memmett). Mal was even able to set aside valuable cooking time for his birthday tea party to come and lounge around in the hot tub for a while. So, so nice.

Yeah so, after Assiniboine, I feel like I could do the Birkie all over again and even do reasonably well! Like a rock-rock-rocket ship!

11:23 a.m. - 2007-02-21


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