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Just to let all of you millions know: there are still two performances of Hamlet: Thursday 17 May and Friday 18 May at 12.30 p.m. The performance lasts about two hours, and it is wonderful. Drama, irony, sword-fighting, sexual innuendo, singing, treachery, death and destruction... I will most likely be doing FOH and lights, so I better see you there!

I was just experimenting on my WindowsLive blog, since I had it open to archive my entries from December to present, and I found that I was able to write an entry! I thought the problem might be not that it wouldn't work, but that I thought it didn't work cos I could never see the blinking cursor. Well I didn't really get to prove or disprove that today because I could see the cursor... but it still seems to me that, back in Jan/Feb, even when I tried typing regardless it wouldn't do it. So, it's still a mystery, but one I don't care that much about anymore.

I am doing all my computer stuff now because tomorrow morning I am taking my precious MacBook to the AICT so they can order a new part for my CD-drive. Apparently they won't order the parts unless you leave your computer with them cos sometimes people don't bring their computer back and the AICT is stuck with the parts- and the expense. That is too bad, because it will take 2 or 3 days for the part to come in. So right now I am backing up some things, updating my calendar and contacts; when I am done that I will sync them onto my iPod and print up my calendar for the next couple of weeks (though really I should just copy it all over into my GSA agenda).

One thing I might not get a chance to do before I take my computer in is apply for a position with the public library as a part-time page. Since I got into the MLIS program, I might as well get some experience in the L part of it! But right now it's late and I don't feel like writing a cover letter; and I want to get my computer in tomorrow early so they'll order the part early so maybe it'll come in sooner! We'll see about the job; it's decent pay and it would probably be fun, or at least mildly enjoyable.

Anyway, I must away. I have laundry commitments to fulfill.

9:53 p.m. - 2007-05-13


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