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Okay, so I am going to step out a bit and write about something that ordinarily wouldn't go on here. Partly because I enjoy practising my cryptic writing skills, and partly because I can't be arsed to go get my journal and write properly.

So I had a quest, and last night was my self-prescribed day and time to see that quest to its end. However, I had just a wee bit much to drink - not enough to be stupid and useless, but enough to be unable to come up with a way to overthrow the individual who was apparently doing his best to thwart my efforts. Why do I suspect that this action was deliberate, and not mere coincidence? Because when I arrived at the venue, a friend who was in on my quest took it upon himself to announce my quest to the room at large. The individual who later became an extreme hindrance was present and in full control of his auditory capacities.

Why should he choose to go about foiling my plans? Surely not out of sheer bloody-mindedness! The possibilities do not bear thinking about. In any case, he managed successfully (and loudly, and opinionatedly) to keep the subject of my quest fully occupied for the majority of the evening, thus removing any chance I had of getting this person alone and carrying out my plan.

Nor is it the case that my plan was a sinister one. In fact, if successful it would have carried potential long-term benefits both to myself and to the subject. Everyone else who was in on my quest checked in periodically to inquire as to whether I'd yet been successful; they were truly interested in seeing the mission profitably completed. But this one person, for some reason, seemed determined not to allow this to happen.

Even when, as I was taking my leave, an ally managed to create a diversion, causing this interloper to leave the room, I was not able to take advantage of the situation. It seemed to me that, since I had already announced my need to depart, it would appear silly of me to linger much longer. So linger I did not - even when it became clear that my subject was preparing to leave as well. Why did I not remain? Because at the last second I had doubts as to whether or not the pursuance of my quest would be welcome, and so I left unsatisfied.

Today I girded my loins and sent an electronic missive via the tome of visages, but I know not if this post-operative attempt will be successful in the way that I imagined my in-person one would be, or even at all. I shall have to wait and see, and perhaps also to enlist spies.

12:22 a.m. - 2009-04-13


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