day one! and a half...

I am in Edinburgh and am paying �1 per half hour for interweb at my hostel. I currently have 14 minutes remaining so I will type quickly on this awkward British keyboard.

So! Exciting! Left Edmonton at 19h45 Saturday, arrived at Heathrow this morning at about 11.20 local time. Went through immigration, quite the process, but I don't mind being interrogated by cute boys with accents!

Flight to Edinburgh was delayed by nearly two hours, urg, and I was seated next to (in between) a rather rambunctious family. Well the two young boys were the rambunctious ones, and the younger was downright tantrumy! They were nice, though, and decent company on the plane. Despite all the incoherent screaming. Anyway, nothing really could bother me that much because of... Scotland!

And so I arrived, caught the express shuttle to Waverley Station, wandered to my hostel (only really had to dig the map out once) and checked in. Oh did I mention it was raining? It was raining.

After checking in and having a wee snack, I went out and explored Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is just across the street from the hostel. It took me a while to clue in that kirkyard not only means churchyard but graveyard. It was a bit creepy because of the rain and the evening and the emptiness- except for the bum sleeping in one of the what-d'you-call-'ems- outdoor crypts? Oh and man some of those grave markers were sooo morbid! Skulls and things, not just engraved but sculpted! Anyway I am rambling because I have only 7 minutes left.


-Heather was right: Edinburgh IS dirty! But so, so nice and beautiful all the same.

-The cars are all small! Hardly any SUVs, and I have yet to see a single pickup. Yee-haw!

OK saving, updating. More soon.

9:50 p.m. - 2008-06-01


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